MUTEX SS609 Bathroom Door Lock Knob with Color Indicator for Vacant or Occupied

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Perfect for Social Distancing & Privacy: A large integrated window displays an indicator that shows VACANT (green) or IN-USE (red) which can be clearly seen from across the room. The large indicator can be seen from up to 50 feet away to help avoid embarassing or awkward encounters for your guests or clients.

Drop-in Replacement with Easy Installation: convert all men and women bathroom door knobs to an indicator type to signal clearly if restroom is occupied or vacant. This complete kit fits standard door sizes and can be installed in minutes with included hardware. Works with both Left or Right hand oriented doors.

ANSI Grade 2 Rating, Durable Heavy Duty: Exceeds all Apartment, Residential and Commercial building requirements. Made with high quality materials, all hardware is constructed of stainless steel with a brushed nickel knob that is corrosion resistant.

Commercial Grade for Indoor or Outdoor Use: With a stainless surface and nickel plated knob that repels moisture and grease, this privacy lock is perfect for your home, office, warehouse, Airbnb, gym, villa, pool house, shared workspace, dormitory, hospital, hotel or any commercial property.

MISSING PARTS OR NEED HELP? Send us a message and we will respond within 12 hours. All locks have a Safety Feature: In the event the door is locked from the inside, a security notch on the outside knob allows easy unlocking with a flathead screwdriver or coin.

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