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MUTEX LOCKS is committed to providing you the safety and peace of mind you deserve. We are confident that all your security needs will be met by our continually expanding and robust mechanical locks, which include residential and commercial locks, keyless combination locks, and indicator locks.

SECURITY: Despite our increasingly digitized world, often it is the tried-and-true methods that come out on top. MUTEX mechanical locks do not rely on electronics, providing foolproof security 24/7 while still being simple to configure.

RELIABILITY: Built with high quality materials, each MUTEX lock has an outer zinc alloy frame and contains Teflon-coated stainless steel components, ensuring reliable operation indoors and outdoors, rain or shine.

DURABILITY: Engineered to exacting standards, MUTEX locks are here to last. Robust protective finishes repel grease and moisture, are resistant to corrosion, and are easy to clean and sanitize.