Mutex MX515 Mechanical Push Button Keypad Lock


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ULTRA MX515 Mechanical Button Combination Keyless Entry Lockset & Levers for Industrial Commercial Residential
Black Powdercoat Coating withstands All-Weather conditions

Fits both on left and right handed doors with easily reversible levers.

Drop in Replacement on USA standard sized 2 1/8” door holes. This is not a deadbolt, but takes the place of a standard door knob or lever.

FREE-PASSAGE MODE: After entering the correct passcode, disable the combination lock temporarily by pressing F to allow free entry and exit, such as during business hours. Reengage the lock by pressing F again.

ALL-WEATHER RELIABILITY & DURABILITY: Constructed of heavy duty Zinc with an attractive black powder coat finish to ensure your lock looks great while repelling grease and moisture. The MX515 is engineered to withstand all weather conditions and can be used both indoors or outdoors.

INSTALLATION (This is not a deadbolt but can work in conjunction with a deadbolt): Requires intermediate to advanced installation depending on the type of door or gate. Some modifications or drilling may be necessary. For doors thinner than 1 inch, the spindle will need to be cut to size. Installation on gates may require a gate box.

10 spring-loaded metal mechanical buttons from 0-9, XYZ. Buttons are tested and rated for over five hundred thousand presses. Change the combination easily with included hardware.

What’s in the box:

1 x Exterior Panel with Lever
1x Interior Panel with Lever
1x Spindle
1 x Latch
1x Strike Plate
1x Mounting Accessories
1x Small Hex Key
1x Large Hex Key
1x Instruction Manual
1x Tweezer
1x Spare Accessories

Mutex MX515 Mechanical Push Button Keypad Lock